Believe it or not, the iPhone 4G prototype uncovered in a bar and pictured on the web just the other day is REAL. The incredible verdict was reached by Gizmodo after much tinkering around with the device, for a week or so. They even got to disassemble it, but what they found we’ll discuss in the following lines.

First things first… What does the new device have as an extra, compared to the iPhone 3GS? For starters, the front facing video chat camera, followed by finally an improved back camera, with a larger lens and a camera flash. Also, the handset relies on a micro-SIM, instead of the standard one, going the iPad way. The display is a tad smaller than the one on the 3GS, but apparently it supports a bigger resolution.

The iPhone 4G uses a secondary mic for noise cancellation, placed at the top, near the headphone jack and it also incorporates split buttons, for volume. Gizmodo also mentions that the Power, Mute and volume buttons are all metallic and the back of the device is possibly made out of shiny plastic or glass, a great way to allow the cell signal to go through.

As you can see for yourself, in the pics included in this article, the design has been changed, so the new iPhone relies on straight lines and a rectangular shape, getting rid of the curves. Also, there’s an aluminum border going around the outer part of the phone and the device is 3 grams heavier. Its battery is 16% larger and the internal components are shrunken, in order to make room for the larger power source.

Why is this device the real thing? Well, Gizmodo played with the iPhone 4G prototype for a week or so and disassembled the unit, with all the evidence collected so far standing testimony to its authenticity. Also, John Gruber, from Daring Fireball, a man connected to Apple reported that the Cupertino giant is missing a prototype next-gen iPhone and they want it back.

Too bad that the handset wasn’t captured on camera while running iPhone OS 4.0. but the man who found it in a bar in Redwood City claims that it was running the OS before the platform was even announced officially.

Apple remotely killed the unit, once it noticed it was gone and someone was trying to mess with it. What’s next? An official Apple announcement? Steve Jobs getting angry? Perhaps some minor modifications to the prototype? In the meantime, let’s have a look at the following Gizmodo video, showing what’s new in the iPhone 4G, in a nutshell:

[via Gizmodo]