Believe it or not, Apple wants a piece of Sony, if not the whole thing… The Cupertino giant could be making an entrance on the console market, by working with Sony, as Reuters wrote recently following Barron’s report. Apple is set on using its $50 billion reserves to make a purchase and they could be aiming Adobe, Sony or Disney as targets.


Seeing how well the Xbox services and hardware are going and the massive passion for the PSP and PlayStation fanbase, Apple doesn’t feel that its gaming offer is enough. The iPhone and iPod Touch are still solid gaming platforms, but there’s a long way till they reach the status of the PSP or Nintendo DS.

Steve Jobs’ company could also be going after Sony’s semiconductor business, as it tries to integrate the new CELL processor into Apple products, for extremely improved performance. A Sony-Apple giant would be extremely feared and close to getting monopoly in modern gaming and portable device market.

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