Apple’s wireless syncing service has been updated recently, without too much fuss and MobileMe is still getting improved as we speak. Apple mentioned that this is a server-side and cloud-based service, so the customers won’t feel the upgrades, but they’ll notice a slight improvement of the service.


MobileMe now features upgraded mail, accounts, calendars, contacts and gallery plus the performance in IE is now better and the users can export vCards from MobileMe contacts. In case you’re not familiar with this service, this is a replacement for the .Mac one, or, as some call it “Exchange for the rest of us”.

MobileMe offers instant syncing between your iPhone, PC and the service’s servers, working with the handset’s Calendar, Contacts, mail apps, plus iCal and Adress Book (Macintosh) and Outlook on Windows. It’ll cost $99 to subscribe (per year) and you get 20GB of storage for this price. Sadly, the service had lots of technical issues in its early days, making Steve Jobs claim that is was launched too early.

[via informationweek]

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