After announcing the availability of Nokia’s Ovi Store for its customers, AT&T also let everyone know that it plans on getting some Android love soon, by launching no less than 5 smartphones running this OS in 2010. These devices are made by major players in the industry, like HTC and Motorola, plus newcomer Dell.

Among AT&T’s upcoming Android handsets there’s also Dell Mini 3, that’s already being sold in China and Latin America as Dell Mini 3i. We remind you that this phone has been approved by the FCC, so it works on AT&T’s 3G bands, but sadly we have no info on its price or release date for the US.

The rest of AT&T’s Android devices include a Motorola phone that uses MOTOBLUR, features an unique design and should be an exclusive for this carrier. We’re guessing it’s the Backflip/Enzo model, while the HTC handset should also be an AT&T exclusive, but details are lacking right now. HTC, LG and Pantech will also launch Brew phones for the operator in 2010 and in early 2011.

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