Although it sounds more like an Android (funny?) than a company name, bgC3 might simply stand for “Bill Gates Company III”, which would be quite lame, although some claim that the “C” is for catalyst. Speculations aside, this company exists, as the think thank of Gates, the Microsoft guru.

We have no info regarding this initiative, but we simply knew that Gates wouldn’t stay away from the tech world, constantly evolving towards mobility. And it’s this convergence and mobility that the man is probably targeting with bgC3 (not much of a logo for this company – below)…

How about a more flexible and adaptable giant, nothing like Microsoft? Reshaping things up a bit, clearing any negative aspects that some associate with Microsoft and starting from scratch… sounds familiar? Apple and Google have done it and they’ve done it so well, that RIM and Nokia are worried and thinking about rebranding, using a new approach and speeding things up in the development process.

What if those eternal Zune Phone fantasies became true? And Xbox went portable? And Microsoft launched a Vista Phone? However, they’ll be so differently branded and maybe even open source, that you’ll never guess they came from one of the minds that made IT so strict and well regulated.

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