T-Mobile G1 has just been unlocked and all in some easy steps which take no more than a few seconds. The phone was already running on Google’s open source platform, but now it got even easier to adapt to user needs, as changing carrier has never been simpler.


1. Insert friends activated T-mobile SIM into G1 along with battery
2. Power on and wait for setup screen
3. Go through setup process to link any Gmail account
4. Go to Settings > Wireless Controls > Wi-Fi Settings > Enable Wi-Fi
5. Connect to nearby Wi-Fi network if one is available
6. Optional: Stop the phone from syncing with Gmail account by going to Data Synchronization and unchecking Auto-sync, Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts
7. Once done, take out friends SIM card and insert unactivated SIM that came with G1.

All in all, it should take about half a minute to do it all. It’s interesting information to see how easy all this can take place, although it’s a personal choice of those who choose to unlock their T-Mobile G1 phone through these steps, thus risking the usability of their phone.

[via: trendygadget]

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