In case you fell in love with Windows Mobile, but you’re a Symbian device user, there’s still a shot of feeling the WM flavour on your handset. It’s all done with the aid of Net60 (now Version 2.0) that runs Windows Mobile software on Symbian, with the sole condition that the apps are based on .NET Compact Framework Version 2.0.


Red Five Labs developed this useful piece of software, that features Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 support, SQLite support with an ADO.NET provider plus a managed namespace which provides access to native Symbian APIs (camera, telephony, OpenGL, GPS). S60 apps built with the aid of Net60 are available for low fees, while Net60 Pro will cost EUR 459 (one user and 250 deployments).

Go Premium for support, upgrades and 1000 deployments and know that the Net60 toolkit is available on Windows XP and Vista.

[via msmobiles]

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