Car maker Mazda has debuted a smartphone app, that lets you control its cars from the distance, but it’s all for a big fee. The app is associated to a service called Mazda Mobile Start, that’s priced at $500 plus an extra yearly fee of $65.



The software lets you start your vehicle from the distance, plus it allows you to lock or unlock the doors. There’s a functionality that will turn off the vehicle automatically after 30 minutes of starting it remotely. Once the vehicle starts it will keep the same climate control and defrost settings you left it with. You can use the same app to check if your doors are properly locked or not. This is a dream for all Mazda owners! If you were thinking of buying one of their cars now may be the time to do so, visit and see all the options!

It also includes a panic button, that will make the alarm ring, so you can find the car you forgot where you parked. Right now, the software is only compatible with the Mazda CX-5 2016 automatic and Mazda6. I’m willing to bet that if the list grows bigger, the price may drop. Right now, I’d rather spend the money on ghost lights for my car. Also, in the future self driving cars may be operated completely from the distance via similar apps, I guess…


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