A couple of days ago, on the tech market happened something that will change the web browsing mobile experience. We’re talking about the fact that ZTE and Softbank signed a strategic cooperation agreement in order to bring to mainstream the 5G technology. Thereby, both sides will carry out the relevant validation experiments, technology assessment and R&D for commercial Pre5G.


Metal antenna symbol with letters 5G on white

From a Chinese publication article, it seems that ZTE has a clear timetable advance, and that i the 3rd quarter of this year, ZTE will being deployment in Japan. The Pre5G prototype is expected to complete the first phase of testing in the 4th quarter, while the 2nd phase will start at the very beginning of 2016.

Also, some time early in 2016, the 4G base stations and those hotspots placed in dense urban areas will be replaced with Pre5G units. Apparently, ZTE has adopted the new base form Massive MIMO, that can enhance the spectral efficiency of resource utilization. If these companies are getting ready to launch 5G networks pretty soon, then we might get the first 5G phone in early 2016 too.

via: ithome.com

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