A NFC-based payment system has been in the making for a while now, but without clear results so far, at least not in North America. We’ve heard about interest from all major companies in this biz, from banks, to carriers, phone makers and retailers, but nothing has come up, till now and it seems that Sprint and Google might reveal something this week!


Bloomberg has the scoop on this one, reporting that the search engine giant and the carrier could launch their service in five major markets. May 26 is the supposed date for the announcement, with the first cities to receive the NFC support being New York, L.A. Chicago, Washington and San Francisco.

Before the system gets going, one needs to ensure enough retailers process NFC payments and that hardware is in place for that. Among the NFC-enabled phones we have the Samsung Nexus S 4G, but many more models will come this year, so there are no worries here. Let’s see if the two great companies join hands in this initiative…

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