Chomp, 148 Apps and Chillingo have put together the huge infographic below, stating that the Apple App Store has reached 500,000 apps and more info. Also, it turns out that right now there are at least 85,569 unique developers creating software for Apple’s service.

The statistics say that over 15 billion apps have been sold and right now 37% of the software offered is free. $3.64 is the average price you get for paid apps and the number one product on the list is Angry Birds, measured by the time it has spent on the number one spot in iTunes. That is 275 days, which is impressive even for a title that’s so addictive.

Games sit at 15% of the bulk of apps, while books make up 14%, entertainment 11%, education 8% and lifestyle 7%. Utilities and travel are placed at 6%. More data can be found in the infographic below, that pretty much says it all about the success of Apple’s App Store:

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