Although a couple of days ago we saw an Android 4.0 tentative ROM ported on the Nexus One, it seems that at least officially things are not moving in the right direction. The Nexus S may be among the first to get Ice Cream Sandwich, but the first Nexus won’t get the same treatment.


Last I heard, HTC and Sony Ericsson were confirming updates for their highest end phones, most of them starting in 2012. Motorola was as bold as to promise the updates for the Droid Bionic, RAZR and Xoom as soon as 6 weeks after the official Google rollout. But what about the Nexus One? It was clear from the first port that the OS doesn’t work fine on the handset, especially because of the low RAM and old CPU. However, with some tweaking, they could get it done…

This will open up a new gateway into a huge segment of single core handsets with Gingerbread and 512MB of RAM. Owners of the HTC Desire and its brethren will want a piece of the most fashionable Android 4.0 ROM, most likely CyanogenMod material… And meanwhile, Google denies us this opportunity. What are they thinking?

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