Next month’s Google I/O 2013 event comes in the middle of great expectations and speculations for the next Nexus phone and tablet. Everyone wants a bigger, better and stronger device, if possible. People are waiting for the LG Nexus 5 with its rumored hardcore specs, but recent rumors are totally underwhelming when it comes to the I/O novelty.



Motorola X Phone was also expected to debut next month, as well as a new flavour of Android, possibly Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. Now insiders speaking to SidhTech are claiming that the only phone to be revealed next month will actually be an upgraded LG Nexus 4, with 32 GB of storage and LTE connectivity.

The 32GB model is supposed to answer those unhappy with the lack of a microSD card slot on the original Nexus 4. Meanwhile the inclusion of CDMA support will allow Sprint and Verizon to sell the device. For those of you willing to tune in, the event starts from May 15th and lasts till the 17th. We’re also waiting for a Nexus 7 2 there…

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