Since it’s Halloween, we might as well play some creepy games, like the Gunner Z title we reviewed below. Available for free and tested on iPhone 5, the game allows you to control a military humvee, as you shoot your way through an urban landscape and dozens of zombies.



You only control the turret of the humvee and you’ll have to deal with X ray vision graphics throughout the whole game. Enemies shot by you will explode in a wave of plasma and I have to say that the vehicle handling is quite smooth. Aside from zombies, you’ll be firing rockets at trucks with enemies and drones, both airborne and grounded.

You can upgrade your vehicle, but the waiting time is quite big. Another annoying aspect is that you have to wait for at least half an hour after you’re wasted in your mission, since the vehicle must be repaired. Or you can use another humvee, or pay with the game’s currency. You can raise and lower your turret and I must mention that the game’s atmosphere is quite creepy.

Speaking of repairing, a full repair costs $24, which is huge, so freemium is pretty expensive here. Gunner Z gets an 8.3 out of 10 from us and you can download it here.

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