Some people can entertain themselves by using the coolest gadgetry around it seems. Just check out the following dude who toyed with an Optoma Pico projector and a Nokia N96 in the funniest ways possible, also demonstrating the potential of the two devices:


He managed to surf the web from his bed, scare his sister with the projection of a ghost or project embarrassing text on the neighbours’ fence. Finally, the Optoma Pico user was able to “read the small print”, play an animation in the bath (why?) and project his face on his girl’s bottom.

In case you want to get technical, Pico offers DLP type projection and features an LED lamp, a 1000:1 contrast ratio and USB recharging. It comes with AV input (stereo audio plus composite video) and PAL/NTSC (576i/480).

The little gizmo only weighs about 115 grams and incorporates a battery that lasts for about 2 hours. More details here.

[via YouTube]

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