I’ve just received a HTC ChaCha unit for testing purposes and decided to share with you all the reason why this phone is also dubbed the Facebook Phone. Well, it’s probably got to do with that Facebook button placed below the QWERTY keypad on the front of the handset.


Using this button, you can post a photo you’ve just taken straight to Facebook, also a video and share with your friends the song you’re listening to via the same social network. Once you enter the web browser on HTC ChaCha, you’ll press the Facebook button to share with everyone a link to the website you’re viewing.

Also, while in the phone’s main menu, a single press of the famous social button will allow you to quickly update your status. When the occasion arises, this button will flash, letting you know that there’s an option to change status on Facebook or post all kinds of stuff. HTC ChaCha also integrates a Facebook chat widget and in the phone dialing segment, you’ll be able to view the new pictures and status updates of the people you know.

More details can be found in the video below:

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