A week after their MWC 2010 debut, HTC Desire and HTC Legend are being hunted by all major carriers, who want a piece of the new Sense UI or a Nexus One twin. A Boy Genius Report source has recently unveiled that the two handsets are coming to the US, with the Desire ready for AT&T and Legend, soon available via Sprint.


Apparently, Sprint will sell Legend as HTC Hero 2, while Desire will debut via AT&T in May or June, making it the second Android device sold by the carrier, after Motorola Backflip. We also found out that HTC Desire will suffer minor modifications from the model shown at MWC 2010, at least design-wise.

Turns out that this Nexus One twin will also use the HTC Sense UI, becoming the first AT&T phone with this feat. HTC Legend will also be different from what we saw at MWC 2010, but in what way we don’t know yet. This Hero2 unit has no launch date just yet, but it’s probably May or June, too.

[via mobilecrunch]

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