A new trademark application for a fresh HTC handset spawned some controversy on the origins of the phone… Dubbed the HTC Inspire, this device could be a brand new smartphone or just a rebranding of the HTC Desire or Desire HD.


The trademark application for HTC Inspire was recently filed with the USPTO and we must say that HTC has a pretty good record with filed trademarks, as each of them was turned into a real product. This is unlike Samsung, who filed a lot of trademarks, but didn’t use all of them.

If this is a real device and not a rebranding, it could be a follow-up to the HTC Freestyle and HTC 7 Melody and also a successor for Verizon’s HTC Tropy and HTC Merge. We must mention that Inspire was already used internationally for HTC Desire, so we’ll have to wait before calling this handset by its real name.

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