As HTC is preparing to deliver its Q3 financial results on October 29 and a forecast for the next quarter, we learn that the company has set a shipment target of 8.5 million units in Q4 2010. Revenues are expected to grow 20% sequentially, reaching $2.93-3 billion and closing in to the 10% market share, according to industry sources.


With new Android models like the Desire HD and Desire Z, plus no less than 4 Windows Phone 7 smartphones (Surround, Mozart, Trophy, HD7), HTC is set to break records over the next quarter. However, shortages of components have made the predictions of future shipments lower, in spite of the market expectations of 9-10 million units over the next 3 months.

Meanwhile, as far as we know, HTC shipped 7 million handsets in Q3, reaching a 9% market share and ranking fourth globally.

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