A mysterious HTC phone hast just recently achieved GSM certification and its model number is XV6175, a good indication regarding the real device. As some of you may know, XV stands for Verizon Wireless and it seems that the phone won’t support UMTS/HSDPA, so it could be a dual CDMA/GSM device.


Having a look at the leaked 2009 HTC roadmap, the ideal handset to fit this description would be HTC Twin, supposed to be a GSM/CDMA phone, although its carrier is not supposed to be Verizon. Also, the phone above could be Whitestone W, a multimedia device that will reach Verizon and support GSM and CDMA.

The last candidate for the mystery phone’s real identity is Cedar, a low end Windows Mobile device, that would also fit the profile mentioned above.

[via Boy Genius Report]