As usual with new gadgets, the teardown is inevitable, so it was the turn of the iPad 2 to get dissected this week. The result of the iFixit teardown was mostly bad news, although those of you who believed rumors saying that the device sports 256MB RAM will be happy to know that in fact it comes with 512MB.


Well, moving on to the bad news, the device got a repairability score of 4 out of 10, meaning that it’s very tough to fix. The reason is that the glass was glued with adhesives, making its separation impossible without breaking it. We are dealing with a display that’s 25% thinner after all, so it will be very hard to mess with the tablet without breaking it.

Also, the teardown revealed something interesting: the dual core A5 chipset seemed marked by Samsung, although this has yet to be confirmed. Continuing with the bad news, we uncover a less than 1 megapixel rear camera, just like the one on the iPod Touch, so this means fixed focus. Also, inside there’s a 6570 mAh battery, needed to provide the same functioning time for the new device as the first iPad.

Will you buy the iPad 2 now that you know these details?

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