The GooApple device below is actually a pretty decent iPhone 4 clone, that runs Android. This model keeps the dimensions of the original Apple handset, so we suppose the accessories meant for the iPhone will also work with it. Sadly, it’s only got Android 2.2, although I bet that you can fit Gingerbread in there if you try hard enough.

The hardware specs are also a copy of those on the iPhone 4, including the 3.5 inch display, but I can’t guarantee at all that you’ll be getting at least half of the Retina Display performance. There’s also a 5MP camera with autofocus on board, WiFi, GPS, radio and Bluetooth. The CPU seems to be a Qualcomm unit of unknown flavor.

This is where the feature list stops and as far as pricing and availability are concerned, details are pretty limited. Here’s a video demo of the unit:

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