Google has just launched a couple of new features that will enhance the experience of its search engine on the desktops. One of them is the Voice Search, that was already available on mobile, but now it’s entered the desktop via Chrome. Thus, if you use Google’s browser you will notice the little microphone in the Google search box. The other little update pertains to the links that one inserts in the websites. The algorithm has introduced some updates that will help webmasters utilize resell SEO strategies effectively.

If you click the mic, you’ll be able to speak your search terms, always an useful feature if you want save typing time. The voice search is available in English only, for now. Another improvement is the addition of Search by Image on desktop, shown through a little camera on If you click it, you’ll be able to upload pictures or use an image URL and ask Google to find what it’s all about.

You can even analysis landmarks in old vacation photos, if you want. Chrome and Firefox extensions are being released allowing you to search any image on the web through right clicks. Today mobile search was also upgraded, so now you get new shortcuts of commonly searched categories: restaurants, shops, bars, and more straight on the mobile Google homepage.

On the results page you get a map with markers for the current locations. Another addition to mobile search is a function that builds complicated searches, adding suggested phrases to the search box and building your way up to a more complex search.