There’s another proof towards the speculations saying that the future iPhone will have an edge to edge display: the screenshots below. They belong to the SpeechTrans ultimate Powered by Nuance app, that’s found in the iTunes store. Of course, a closer look to the image on the right reveals a cut up Home button, so it’s most likely an editing error.


It could be that some of the design guys playing with the app’s screenshots made it too wide for it to fit on the display of the phone, so this is the result. What’s interesting is that they repeated the mistake 3 times, so 3 of the 5 screenshots of the $19.99 app are like this. However, the rest show a normal iPhone 4.

The words “powered by Nuance” are mentioned in the app and we’ve recently heard this name once more, as the Apple partner that will bring voice recognition to iOS 5. Could the edge to edge display on the iPhone 5 be real after all?

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