It appears that the iPhone 5s is a hit at all 4 major US carriers, at least for the month of September. The Samsung Galaxy S4 was the previous hit, dominating the summer months and now it has been replaced in September by the new iPhone flagship.



Canaccord Genuity is the one with a study to support these claims. The iPhone 5s was the best seller last month on 4 US carriers and the Galaxy S4 was on second place and in some cases even third place. It’s the first time in many months that Apple has reached top spot, after Samsung ruled in the months of June, July and August.

Canaccord is saying that sales of the new iPhone are very strong, but they didn’t specify any number of units. They did say that they expect Apple to sell over 52 million iPhones worldwide during Q4. Samsung is expected to post similar sales, but on a variety of models. Meanwhile, HTC One suffered a weak September and so did the new BlackBerries…

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