There’s a new HTC mystery phone in town, with an atypical speaker grille, that intrigues us. Usually, HTC adopts a rectangular grille on the One line, but this one is diagonal.


They also use rounded openings on the Desire models, but today’s leak from @upleaks reveals small diagonal slots that create a speaker. This is not a HTC One M9 relative, since that unit opts for another speaker setup, with small slits at the top and bottom of the facade. HTC is said to be launching 8 phone models this year and I have a feeling this could be a new and affordable Desire.

It packs a blue case, probably made of plastic and what seems to be a reasonable selfie shooter upfront. There’s also a speculation about a Bose cooperation for HTC, so maybe this is a handset with Bose speakers. It could also be the HTC A55 5.5 inch phablet leaked a while ago…

via Phone Arena