Google has just announced the release of an improved Android Market, that now also includes book purchases and movie rentals. This new version of the Android Market app is available on Android 2.2+ phones, allowing you to rent thousands of movies in the US, each starting at $1.99.


The videos app available in the Android Market allows you to rent movies from anywhere you are, either on the PC using the download service from the browser, or from the phone or tablet. What’s really nice is that you won’t need an Internet connection to watch a movie and also the movies are associated to your Google account.

There’s no need to move your favorite picture around on various storage solutions, as now you can have it on the tablet and phone whenever you want, thanks to your Google account. Books are also linked to the Google account. There’s also an important redesign of the Android Market in the new version, making us think about Windows Phone a bit, when it comes to the interface.

We also get extra top charts, that are more relevant and staff picks and Editors’ Choices apps. More details about the new Market here:

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