When Korean sources claim they have inside info on future Apple products I tend to listen, since they usually know what they’re talking about. Now the South Korean media is reporting that we should expect a 4.6 inch Retina Display on the future iPhone and a launch in the second quarter of this year.

Apple’s major suppliers from South Korea are Samsung and LG Display, but they both refused to comment on this story, for now. Apple is supposedly already placing orders with suppliers for 4.6 inch panels for the future iPhone, according to the Maeli Business Newspaper, quoted by Reuters. We also expect the new device to come with the A5X CPU from the iPad 3, the same camera as the iPhone 4S, LTE connectivity, maybe more RAM and maybe an innovative iOS concept.

Apple would really stun everyone by releasing a phone with a bigger display, but also keeping the same case size, so they would apply the edge to edge screen solution, that has been debated for a year or two now. It’s a risky choice, but they’re the kind of company to make it…

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