Sony has already released at least half a dozen solid phones this year, but they’re preparing even more, as confirmed by the leak detailed below. We have word about 3 newcomers, all of them with constellation names: Pegasus, Aries and Leo.


The info comes from Weibo and Digi-Wo and Sony’s upcoming trio is supposed to include the Xperia Z3. This shouldn’t exactly surprise us, considering that the Xperia Z1 came so soon after the Xperia Z and the Z2 so soon after the Z1. By the way, the Leo is supposed to be the Z3, while the Aries could be the Z3 Compact. Pegasus is a mystery, but here’s to hoping for a brand new Walkman or maybe even a rugged phone.

The Z3 is said to come in September, most likely at IFA 2014 and the other two will also come before the year is out. The source of the information has a good track recording of not being wrong before, so I’d say we’re set for a fall unveiling of at least three new devices from Sony. I’m pretty sure we’ll also see the camera sensor upgraded past 20.7 megapixels.

via gforgames