We’ve heard a lot of iPhone-related rumours lately, most of them claiming that Apple is readying a brand new version of its treasured handset. Word’s out that the new iPhone might come with high tech features, like OLED displays and even multi-core graphics processing.



Multi-core technology on the iPhone seemed plausible, specially after Apple acquired chip design firm PA Semi, a move meant to keep the chip architecture design in-house. Apple is also working on the Grand Central technology, that allows more efficient multi-core processing.

Imagination Technologies, a company that licensed its PowerVR SGX graphics architecture to Apple, has recently announced a new design with support for multiple cores.

The new graphics processor would work great on mobile devices, like the iPhone, but it’ll also need Apple’s new parallel graphics processing technology, OpenCL. This technology increases the efficiency of a multi-core GPU, as it processes huge chunks of data and still makes the whole device work like a charm and lag-free.

[via IntoMobile]

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