The folks of recently recorded a comparison video between the iPhone 3G, Nexus One and HTC HD2, proving that the Google Phone is the best when it comes to display quality. This, in spite of what the displaymate editors claimed and proved over here. Here’s the comparison video, showing the three devices playing the Iron Man 2 trailer:


While some claim that the Nexus One has issues with the screen noise and clarity, the handset’s display behaves quite well and handles sunlight without issues. HTC HD2 comes second in this test and the iPhone 3G performs the worst of the three.

We commented upon the duel between the iPhone’s LCD and Nexus One’s AMOLED screen over here, once again discussing displaymate’s theory. They claimed that the Google Phone’s screen lacks clarity and suffers from noise, although it’s resolution is better (800 x 480 pixels), when compared to the one on the iPhone (480 x 320 pixels).

Factory calibration and quality control were also mentioned, but the video above supports the claim that Nexus is better than the other two devices.


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