If the comparison between Samsung Omnia II’s AMOLED display and the one on Nokia N900 wasn’t enough, we move on to compare the screens of the hottest Android phones of the moment: Motorola Droid and Google’s Nexus One. Here’s a video showing how they work in direct sunlight:


Both devices have the same screen diagonal, 3.7 inches, but the display on Nexus One is an AMOLED unit, while the one on Moto Droid is a TFT LCD. The user who made the video notices that the AMOLED is brighter and behaves better in sunlight, plus it manages to show more vivid colors in normal conditions.

However, the reviewer mentions “individual pixels” on Nexus One’s display, while the TFT LCD on Droid seems to show more crisp images. We also have to mention that AMOLED screens consume less battery power, so that’s another bonus for them.

[via OLED info]

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