Since it’s the weekend, it’s time for some more Apple news, this time concerning the next generation of iPhone. Turns out that the handset will lack LTE support and instead of being called the iPhone 5, it will bear the name iPhone 4S, probably due to the fact that it supports HSPA+ connectivity.


The info comes from Jefferies & Co. analyst Peter Misek and the usual industry sources. Among the improvements brought to the iPhone 4 we find minor cosmetic changes, improved cameras, the A5 dual core CPU and HSPA+ support. Also, it seems that the iPhone 4S will reach Sprint, T-Mobile and China Mobile as new distributing carriers.

As far as the lack of LTE support, Apple would have used the Qualcomm LTE chipset on the new iPhone, but the technology is not yet ready for inclusion. Expect the Sprint and T-Mobile arrival of the handset during the holiday season and China Mobile in the following 12 months. Will you be getting an iPhone 4S?

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