The Smartisan T1 was praised on our website for its elegant design and this Chinese phone is ready for a follow-up, as confirmed by the leak below. The T1 was a 5 incher with Full HD resolution and a Snapdragon 801 processor. You’re probably wondering what the T2 can bring extra…


smartisan t2

Well, it appears it will use the Snapdragon 810 processor, an 8 core unit, with big.LITTLE architecture. It also brings LPDDR4 RAM support and offers up to 4K resolution support. There are some things unclear when it comes to the Android buttons of the device that may or may not be physical or capacitive. It would be strange to see 3 physical buttons in this day and age, especially on a high end phone.

Smartisan T2 has to live up to great expectations and also remain thin, since its predecessor was pretty thin, at a bit over 8 mm in thickness. We’ll really follow this phone and be back with novelty since we could get surprised. Remember when everyone was amazed that Vivo launched the first 2K display phone? Well, here’s another small company that could do that.


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