Sprint’s HTC Hero has finally received the Android 2.1 update, that comes with a great new version of HTC Sense, to make it all look beautiful. The update is available over the air, but you can also download it via Sprint’s support site and install it through HTC Sync on a PC.


We should mention that Sprint’s Hero Android 2.1 update will delete all the content you have on the phone, as it updates your software. Thus, you’ll need a backup of your data, unless you want to lose precious info. HTC Sync is the way to go, if you need backup.

The whole update process takes around 25 minutes, of course disabling the call features on the device.  Firmware 2.27.651.5 brings bug fixes and software enhancements, as usual, plus voice recognition and better corporate email sync.

[via SlashGear]

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