Google TV was one of the many new services/products announced by Google yesterday, during the I/O 2010 event. Imagine combining two of the things that people do most these days: web browsing and watching TV, on a single screen. Google aims to do that, thanks to its brand new TV service, detailed in the following video:


Google TV will incorporate Google Chrome into your TV set, allowing you to access your favourite sites and move between television and the web. This turns a TV with a couple of hundred channels to millions of channels at your fingertip. Also, the TV set turns into a photo viewer, a gaming console and a music player.

A revolutionary interface and search mechanism will be used to get around Google TV, allowing to type the name of your show and reach it instantly, or simply view YouTube videos on your big screen TV. Quick search is available, as well as Favourites and this new solution is based on Android and Google Chrome, in case you’re wondering.

Web developers will start coming up with apps specially designed for the TV experience, so expect goodies in the future! Google will work with Sony and Logitech to put Google TV inside their televisions, Blu-ray players and set top boxes.

[via Google Blog]

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