Google shows us the power of mobile searching, as this feature is integrated in the Android OS. It blends perfectly with the interface of the T-Mobile G1 and offers access to Google’s famous search engine. You can use this feature from the Home screen of the phone, or with the aid of a widget.


Obviously the Google search pops up in the Android’s browser as well and you’ll get suggestions, just like in the desktop version. Tap the results of the search and you’ll be taken directly to the sites you’ve been looking for, access company websites and data. You can even order sushi from your favourite place, just by tapping the phone number that appears in the searches.

The Google search allows you to make calls directly from it, simply by tapping the on-screen phone number you find. You can even find out details about your upcoming plane flight just by entering its number on Google. Plus, this feature also integrates the rest of web services, like email, Calendar or News.

Android and Google Search action in the video below:


[via SlashPhone]

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