Developer and blogger Alex Brie continues investigating the story we detailed here, concerning the strange evolution of some Vietnamese book apps in the App Store. This time, he provides a screenshot taken with the aid of a web app focused on iPhone developers, AppAnnie. It indexes daily all the apps on the Store and the top rankings.


We find out that a certain developer entered the App Store on a low ranking and jumped to spot #100 very fast. In no time he even reached the #9 spot and was there for part of May and the entire month of June.

If you make a quick math calculus, you’ll figure out that if the developer needs at least 100 sales per day to stay in top 10 and then you multiply that by $4.99 (the cost on an app) and multiply again, with 41 apps (behaving strangely), you’ll get around $20000 per day in earnings.

That means you’ll get $1 million in no time, thanks to strangely behaving software, for a single developer that is. It’s pretty easy to figure out that the Top Grossing paid books in the US are owned by a similar bunch of Vietnamese apps, once again with strange names and behaviour.

[via alexbrie]

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