If you’re a HTC owner and you’re getting ready for a WM 6.0 upgrade, remember that the software won’t be available starting next month. So, such free upgrades must be downloaded by October, else you’ll never get them (or maybe they’ll be available for a buck of two).

This piece of info is specially destined to reach the ears and eyes of folks who own these devices: HTC S620/S621 (Excalibur), HTC P43450 (Herald), HTC P3300 (Artemis) or the HTC Advantage. Got one of these? Download the upgrade now, or maybe start looking for new HTC-branded hit, as there are plenty to be seen lately.

Also, the owners of Palm Treo 750 should know that their WM 6.0 upgrade will also expire at the end of this month.

[via WMExperts]