It seems that the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 domination in the United States will be punished by Sony Ericsson, by launching its gaming phone, the Xperia Play later than we had hoped. Meanwhile, the Xperia Play already took off in 11 markets, with 6 more to join them in two weeks, Sadly, the US are not on the list…


Gamers in Germany, UK, Austria, Sweden, Russia, Taiwan and a couple more countries are enjoying Android and PSP technology as we speak, while US fans are waiting for that “later Spring” release. The new Xperia model is a flagship “PlayStation Certified” unit, launched with over 60 games. Among the developers that partnered with Sony we mention Gameloft and Electronic Arts and the titles available on the Xperia Play include Splinter Cell, Galaxy on Fire 2 and Asphalt 6, to name only a few.

Considering the delay of this 1GHz smartphone with 4 inch display and PSP physical controls, should we expect Sony to make it up by launching the Sony NGP portable console earlier in the US?

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