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Android G2 Picture, Specs and Launch Date Available! Real?

The second Google Android handset has just hit the web and you can check out the first picture of the device below, plus a pretty impressive list of specs. The G2 is an unconfirmed device, as it the image, so you might want to consider this a big fat rumour, for now.


There’s even a release date that accompanies all the data invading the web: January 26, 2009, but BGR claims that it’ll be pushed to April, due to software issues. As strange as it may seem, the Android G2 phone doesn’t feature a full QWERTY keypad, but at least it has a full touchscreen. It also keeps the bottom trackball, supports 3G and WiFi and comes with a 5 megapixel camera (autofocus plus flash included).

HTC’s Android G2 does EDGE and GPRS, games, IM, features a memory card slot (up to 16GB), allows mobile backup, plays music and video and comes with a browser we hope is Chrome. There’s also Picture Messaging on its specs list, as well as a speakerphone, Stereo Bluetooth connectivity, PC sync, USB, video capture, video messaging, voice dialing and myFave support.

Surreal? Rumour? Fake? What’s your take on this story?

[via SlashPhone]

  • Thegman

    You were just a couple years too early. That picture makes me laugh. I guess that was supposed to be the MyTouch.