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Gionee M5 Plus Teased for December 21st Unveiling, Huge Battery Expected

We already reviewed the Gionee Marathon M5 under the guise of the Allview P8 Energy and now a new version of the handset is coming. Gionee has just teased the M5 Plus model for a December 21st unveiling, with more details below.


The device is expected to feature a 6 inch AMOLED Full HD display, as well as a Gorilla Glass 2.5D panel. Sadly, we don’t have many other details, but we’re expecting a seriously beefy battery inside, perhaps even past 6000 mAh. The power bank features of the first model may be kept, most likely. The M5 has 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage and the newcomer is expected to offer 32 GB of storage.

Since the device is teased with a music concert, it’s likely it will have some cool headphones or music features like some advanced audio amplifier on board. Anyway, one thing’s for sure: records of the excellent M5 battery will be broken in 2 weeks. The CPU will most likely be a MediaTek.

via ithome