Some said that half of the iPhone’s success is in fact the popularity of its App Store and I must say that they’re right! The service has just reached 1 billion downloads in just 9 months and Apple celebrated this performance with a neat promotion and a surprise for the billionth downloader.



The all-time top apps are shown on Apple’s website and among those you’ll find mostly games, specially in the paid apps section. Vivendi Games Mobile’s Crash Bandicoot title, Koi Pond, Bejeweled 2 and iBeer are among the most downloaded apps you can pay for right now. As far as free apps are concerned, many people found Facebook, Google Earth, Pandora Radio and Shazam interesting and downloaded them quite a lot.

Apple’s App Store is not just your average download service, it’s a great cash cow for the iPhone’s maker and a business model, even for Microsoft, Palm, RIM, Google and the other companies planning to launch their own similar services.

[via apple]

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