Counterpoint Research reveals how smartphone sales fared in 2022, with some figures that will please Apple. iPhones take up 8 out of 10 places in the top 10. It is clear that the iPhone was the best-selling phone of 2022, with the iPhone 13 being the most sought-after model.

Top 10 Phones

You may be wondering who occupies the other two spots in the top 10. These are Samsung Galaxy A phones, specifically the Galaxy A13 and Galaxy A03, budget models. Here is the top 10 list of phones by global sales in 2022, according to Counterpoint:

  1. iPhone 13 (5% of sales)
  2. iPhone 13 Pro Max (2.6% of sales)
  3. iPhone 14 Pro Max (1.7% of sales)
  4. Samsung Galaxy A13 (1.6% of sales)
  5. iPhone 13 Pro (1.6% of sales)
  6. iPhone 12 (1.5% of sales)
  7. iPhone 14 (1.4% of sales)
  8. iPhone 14 Pro (1.2% of sales)
  9. iPhone SE 2022 (1.1% of sales)
  10. Samsung Galaxy A03 (1.1% of sales)

It is noteworthy that the iPhone 14 Plus does not appear in this top 10 list, a sign that it did not catch on with the public as Apple would have hoped. However, I do not think that the Mini would have performed better. Perhaps by observing these trends, Apple will be satisfied with a single base iPhone, complemented by Pro and Ultra models, as rumored. Personally, I am surprised to see how well the iPhone SE 2022 did, considering how much it was criticized in reviews.

However, it is still worth seeing how the top 10 lists of other analysts, such as Strategy Analytics or IDC, compare.

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