We’re now testing the Allview P3 Alldro, a phone sold in Romania, Eastern Europe with dual SIM abilities and Android 2.3. This device goes for about $330 and now we’re offering you its unboxing. We’re dealing here with a supposed smartphone rival, as shown by the quite elegant design, but the plastic gives away its identity.


Inside the box of the Allview P3 Alldro we find the charger, USB port, headphones and manual. The handset features an 8 megapixel camera that’s actually decent, since we’ve tested it recently on a bright sunny day and especially the video capture was a pleasant surprise. There are some downsides to this model, like the lack of a microSD card bundled with it, that’s absolutely required to take pics and install apps. Speaking of apps, Android Market isn’t preinstalled on it and even if you try to use an APK and install it or even the new Google Play APK it just won’t work…

Luckily, we have the 1 Mobile application store included, that offers pretty much the same apps as Android Market, so it’s all ok in the end. Look out for a full review of the device in the following days!

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