As we’re used to see for years, every time some popular companies like Samsung or Apple, are launching new products on the market, Chinese producers are ready to compete each other in order to build cloned devices that look just the same as the originals. At one time we also got to know about a couple of iPhone 4s devices built piece by piece.


Now, through a report unveiled by AnTuTu, we get to see some pretty interesting numbers relating this knock-off devices market. The table above reveals the fact that almost 68% out from the fake Android devices tested in AnTuTu until now, are Samsung and Xiaomi smartphones.


You must know that the most cloned Xiaomi device, is the Mi Note (31.82%), followed by the Xiaomi Redmi Note (12%). When it comes to Samsung, the most cloned phone is the Note 3 phablet (8.82%), while on the 2nd place is found the Note 4 with a 7.01% market share out of the Android knock-off market.


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