Ramos is a pretty prolific tablet maker from China, that wanted a piece of the smartphone market, so it went ahead and created one. The result is the Ramos Mos1, a handset we’ve seen pictured yesterday and today we get new shots of it.


Sadly there are no specs to go by right now, so we’ll work with what we have. This model has an unibody metal case and a glass panel at the back, plus one at the front. The front one uses 2.5D curved glass and the overall design feels like a combo between an iPhone 6, Huawei model and the Galaxy S6. An interesting aspect here is that the edges aren’t rounded.


Ramos claims a premiere, in that the edges are actually made with 5 consecutive angles, thanks to a diamond cutting process. I also find it interesting and curious that the Power button has been placed to the left, instead of right. The handset seems to go for the iPhone-ish combo of white body with gold edge. Comparing the device size to the hand that holds it, we’ll probably get a diagonal bigger than 5 inches.


via padnews

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