Nobody will be surprised if Amazon suddenly decides to launch its very own OS, considering the retailer’s recent involvement with applications, a possible tablet in the works and now a cloud storage service for music. Amazon has just announced this service, that uses a remote server and can be accessed on the go, using an Android app.


Browser-based access is also available and you can play music from anywhere. Amazon’s latest offering bears the name of Cloud Drive and it provides 5GB of cloud storage for free, with 20GB free for a year, if you purchase an MP3 album. Extra storage can be obtained with the aid of special plans, starting at $20 per year.

Cloud Drive also allows you to store other types of files, aside from music. The mobile app will only access the music files, in case you’re wondering. Al the major PC and Mac browsers are supported, as well as the Amazon MP3 app for Android, complete with Cloud Player functionality.

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