As Google placed a plastic sculpture of a frozen yogurt in front of its Android building, getting ready to launch Froyo, we learn a couple of new things about Android 2.2. For example, aside from support full Flash and a great operating speed, the platform will also come with USB tethering and WiFi hotspot features.


Froyo will allow you to share your data connection via USB tethering with your laptop, a feature that AT&T and Apple have managed to hold back in the US for a while now. Also, thanks to Android 2.2, you’ll turn your smartphone into a portable WiFi hotspot, too. It remains to be seen if carriers will be able to turn this feature off, or charge for it.

Google Voice, plus USB tethering and WiFi hotspot functionality are reason enough to give up the iPhone (even the 4G one) and go with Android right now. After all, Google’s brainchild recently surpassed the iPhone in US market share.

[via techcrunch]

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