Now, the Gingerbread SDK is not here yet, but it’s coming and till then we have a tiny bit of leak concerning the new OS, courtesy of Quentyn Kennemer, from Phandroid. He claims that Google wants to add more functionality into the new platform, like packing SIP support into the Google Voice app. Thanks to this feature, users will be able to receive Google Voice calls via WiFi.


This will certainly be disliked by carriers, but moving on, Gingerbread is also expected to improve the look and feel of some applications. For example, the YouTube app will be upgraded and elements from it will be reshuffled to make it more appealing to the public. YouTube will get its 2.x version going, complete with the new “Lean Back” site version and full screen continuous play mode.

Other features that might make it into Android 3.0 are: hardware acceleration, radio buttons, new icon design and video chat upgrade. These are all speculations, so nothing’s for sure, yet.

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